North Texas veteran has military keepsakes stolen from storage

A North Texas military family is asking for help after thieves broke into their storage unit and stole an Army veteran's treasured keepsakes.

A certificate may be the last item the Omas family has left from Roman Omas' 2009 and 2010 tour in Afghanistan. Everything else was in a storage unit in Allen, which for reasons the Omas' still don't understand, became a target for thieves.

“A lot of this stuff was they pulled it down, opened some of the boxes and everything was piled in the middle,” Omas said.

Someone ransacked the front of the unit and stole furniture, tools and Omas' duffle bags before going through the trouble of re-locking it with a new padlock.

Uncle Bob's Storage said it's possible someone was buying time before the crime was discovered. Corporate said managers are required to do a walk-through on-site twice a day to look for any problems or improperly secured units.

Allen police are investigating but said that there were no surveillance cameras near the Omas' unit.

The Omas’ want people to be on the lookout for uniforms, a medal and photos with Omas' name in case items show up for sale somewhere.

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