North Texas school districts host December job fairs

As students head toward Christmas break, North Texas school districts are hoping to cross off "teacher shortage" from their holiday wish lists.

School districts across the region are hosting job fairs this month to add staff in time for the start of the second semester in January.

"I’m very hopeful to be able to get a job when I graduate in lower elementary, which is what I would love to do," said Jenica Kevil.

Kevil is already student teaching in Arlington ISD and keeping close watch for the classroom position that benefits her most -- and she’s not alone.

Fort Worth ISD over the weekend hosted a teacher hiring fair that included signing bonuses for qualified teachers who could start as early as January and to fill key special needs positions. 

Kevil realizes the abundance of available positions, but she wants the best fit for her teaching goals.

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"I want to go to a district where I feel at home, I’d say. So all of the incentives and things are nice, but personally I’m not so much looking at that as much as where I feel like it’s home and I have a connection with the people. And it feels warm and welcoming and inviting," Kevil said.

Mansfield ISD hosted a 3-hour long in person hiring fair on Monday afternoon for prospective teachers.

Some collegiate-level educators point out it could be a challenge for new teachers to begin in the middle of a school year, especially amid the learning gap students are likely overcoming due to the pandemic. 

 "They are missing some of that opening experience that you get after the summer and you have all summer to prepare, but hopefully that challenge will be mitigated by that extra financial bonus," said Dr. Catherine Robert.

Mansfield is one of the districts Kevil is eyeing in addition to several others.

"I am hopeful there will be some options where I can pick the best fit for me and where I fit into the culture that they have there as well."


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