North Texas organizations are stepping up their efforts to help the homeless beat the heat

Service organizations in north Texas are stepping up their efforts due to the dangerous heat.

"Every day it's about saving lives here with our homeless community, but especially in the summer. This heat can be deadly," Ali Hendricksen, Our Calling's development manager, said.

Studies show there are at least 10-thousand people considered homeless in the Dallas area alone. With a heat advisory in effect, that population is going to need somewhere to go. Our calling is doing its part.

"Our calling will be open again starting Monday through Friday until 3:00 p.m. and any of our homeless friends are welcome here to cool off. We have a team of individuals who are eager to help individuals off the street as well," Hendricksen said.

Another group doing its part is God’s Grace Givers Incorporated. This organization focuses on feeding, clothing, and ministering to disabled military veterans and the homeless.

"We come down here every two weeks. We feed we close we bring tents sleeping bags, anything to try to help them until we get them off the streets that's our ultimate goal," Aaon Oshner, with God’s Grace Givers Inc. said.

Hours for Our Calling are extended and staff will pass out "beat the heat kits," containing bottled water, and supplies for sun protection. 

The organization is also working to get people placed into appropriate shelters, housing and mental health facilities if needed.

"I was talking to our street outreach team yesterday, and they said it's terrifying when you walk up onto a homeless individual who's been sitting on the cement for hours. You can only imagine how hot that is," Hendricksen said.

"It is going to be very hot and anyone else I'm telling you these people need a lot of help. If you have a heart for the Lord or hard for the veterans I have a lot of veterans down here they have mental issues, they're disabled. They need help," Oshner said. 

Our Calling is taking donations of sunblock, sunglasses, and water bottles at this time. Their shelter is located at 1702 S Cesar Chavez Blvd. They are also taking financial donations at any time.