North Texas girl, 15, prepares to attend UNT as a junior

A 15-year-old North Texas girl is spending her summer vacation preparing for college.

Emma Earhart will start at the University of North Texas in the fall — as a junior.

At 15 years old while most kids are enjoying the summer and getting ready for their junior year in high school, Emma already has an associate’s degree and is making progress on her college degree.

"In two years, I hope to have my bachelors in biology,” she said. “And by the time I'm 21 I hope to have my MD and be a doctor.”

Kathy Earhart knew her daughter was bright early on. She says testing is her strong suit.

"She took the SAT when she was 12, and they tell you not to study,” Kathy said. “Emma scored so well. She could've gone to college at that time at 12."

Emma remained in middle school. But when it was time for high school, the challenge was nonexistent. She then started attending North Central Texas Community College.

“I really didn't have to try to make A's. I was just one of those kids,” Emma said. “I mean college is a challenge, and I enjoy it. I think high school would've been a waste of time for me."

Kathy was so inspired by her daughter that she decided to enroll as a continuing student herself. She plans on becoming a doctor as well.

"I was like my daughter is in college at 14. If she can do this, I can,” Kathy said. “Bottom line thinking was I'm gonna be 45 when I become a doctor. What if I'm too old? 45 is young, and I'm going to turn 45 either way. So do I wanna be a doctor when I'm 45 or do I not wanna be."

Mom has plans to become a dermatologist. If she stays on track, she will accomplish it by the time she’s 45.

Emma is on course to become a doctor by the time she’s 21. She has her sights on becoming a surgeon.