North Texans take advantage of snow day to enjoy some of the winter weather

Much of the anxiety about this winter storm went away for many North Texans Thursday morning, especially for children taking advantage of the snow day.

It also helped that most North Texans had continued to have power throughout the day.

"I opened my window and was so happy," 8th grader Maddie Yarnall said. 

North Texas was a winter wonderland for the second year in a row.

There were those fully prepared with sleds and goggles, to the make-do boogie boards, from standing up to laying down, riding solo and with friends.

Mother Stacie Frye was prepared after last year.

"Last year, snowmeggedon caught us off guard. Lost power, stressed out. My husband is very prepared, knew the weather was coming and preordered the circle discs," she said.

In Plano, kids took advantage of the icy conditions to play hockey.

Snow fun in Denton

UNT cross country runners like the snow, as do some others who got to play in the snow Thursday.

"With snow on top of ice, it’s not a great way to drive, I mean we’ve got about an inch and a half of snow but half an inch of ice underneath it," Nick Cook said.

It was quite a different look from the typical bustling Denton Square Thurdsay. Nostalgic for some. 

"We love the snow. We are from Chicago," Isaac Roberts and Kayla Rustagi said. "Just hanging out and got my snow boots on and just having some fun."

"When you’re bundled up, it’s really not that cold. I’m from Chicago originally, so nothing super new, but it’s great in Texas here," Cook said.

There were snow fights, snow angels, snow drivers, and snow runners.

"We are about halfway now, we’re doing about 10 miles," one person said.

It’s all in a "snow" day’s work.

"I don’t know, there’s something nice about it, I like the quiet the only thing you hear is the crunching of snow beneath your shoes or your boots or whatever," Nolan Asis said.

JT Ashcroft agreed, but he’s also got some warmer plans inside his apartment Thursday night.  

"Watch movies, drink coffee, make some chili," he added.

Family Fun in Fort Worth

In Fort Worth, with kids out of school and the parents taking a day off work, there was some time for family fun.

In Fort Worth, many businesses remained closed, but Lola’s Saloon and Trailer Park welcomed customers for a toasty happy hour.

"We are gonna be here no matter what," said worker Steedo. "Enough of us live close enough that we can come, make sure that we’re good, make sure our patrons are good and any passerby that maybe their heater is out, maybe they just want a drink."

Some ventured outside to buy snacks.

Tacy Webb is visiting from out of town and is still determined to make a trip to the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. 

"Yeah, but it’s inside. So that makes it a lot better," she said.

And she’s not the only Texan braving the cold in the name of fun.

After a canceled soccer tournament, Gavin Castillo had time for sledding and a little dancing. 

In true Texas style, Alex Howe got creative with a sled he made out of a cookie sheet.

But before an afternoon of fun, Rendy Serna spent the morning caring for the homeless.

"We go out. We give coffee. We get snacks," he said. "We go out and give beanies."

Serna says he’s prepared for any weather-related damage at home and more focused on helping those exposed to the elements.

"There’s bigger problems than just my broken pipes and stuff like that. So yeah, we’re out here. We’re gonna serve, and we’re gonna continue serving until we can’t."