North Texans collecting donations for Louisiana flood victims

It’s been difficult to watch the historic flooding in Louisiana for several North Texas families who have family members in the area.

With cell service still down in many areas, their only communication with displaced family members is by way of social media.

Carrie Shoemaker grew up in Livingston Parish outside of Baton Rouge. Shoemaker says her childhood home, her high school and church were all destroyed by the flooding.

Shoemaker said her niece and uncle got trapped trying to escape from their flooded neighborhood but made it out safely.

At its peak, the flood waters nearly reached the top of many doorways.

Brook Savant lives in Flower Mound. She says her mother-in-law got out early but some close friends had to be rescued from the second floor of their condo.

“By Saturday morning at seven o'clock, they needed rescue from the balcony of their second floor condo,” said Savant. “But everything is flooded so where do you take them? They're taking people to the interstate where it's dry land. But there's nothing there for them.”

Savant and her husband rented a 26-foot truck and want to fill it with food and supplies to drive down to Denham Springs.

Anyone who would like to make a donation is asked to drop it off at one of the following locations:

ProForm Clinics
2900 Village Pkwy, #350
Highland Village, TX

Spangler Chiropractic
4508 Legacy Dr #200
Plano, TX