North Texans cleaning up, preparing for more storms

People in several parts of North Texas are trying to clean up before the next round of storms roll through.

In Johnson County south of Fort Worth, the winds blew a trampoline into a ditch and knocked out power to the neighborhood.

There were voluntary evacuations in Kaufman County, east of Dallas. High water threatened to wash out a wooden bridge that provides the only access to some homes.

A seafood market in downtown Waxahachie was surrounded by rising water Monday afternoon. The owner said he's never seen anything like it.

A landscaping crew was swept off the CF Hawn Freeway in south Dallas and into flood waters. Everyone was able to crawl out of the windows and wade to safety.

A tree nearly missed a home in Arlington, but it did damage the fence and the homeowner's truck.

Also, the city of Arlington has been handing out sand bags to people in areas prone to flooding.

"The water comes streaming down from five neighbors worth of lawns and we're at the bottom most point. So, it'll be a brake between the back of our house and the other five houses," said Noah Cano.

Residents are allowed 25 bags and businesses can pick up 50. The city will continue handing them out until 5 p.m. and later in the week until they are all gone.

Tarrant County got more than 3,000 sand bags over the Memorial Day weekend and gave them all away.

FOX 4 Meteorologist Evan Andrews said more storms are in the forecast for Tuesday evening.