No indictments for Price, Caraway in radio station brawl

John Wiley Price and Dwaine Caraway will not face trial for their role in a radio station brawl days before a hotly contested primary.

The two Dallas politicians were caught on video clashing in the studio of KHVN-FM on Feb. 22 after Caraway accused Price of being a home-wrecker who ruined his first marriage. The fight dominated the headlines in the final days of the Democratic primary campaign for Price’s county commissioner’s seat.

Price and Caraway were not called to testify before the Dallas County grand jury that examined the case and decided not to indict the two men.

George Nash, who was one of five who testified before the grand jury, said Price also attacked him without cause that day.

“Yes sir, the video shows it,” Nash said. “I've spoken on it plenty of times, but like I say I went in there and just told the truth of what happened.”

Micah B. Phillips, who was also running for the commissioner’s seat, told the grand jury he didn't think Price was the aggressor.

“What I saw him do was protect himself when some very antagonistic people attacked him,” Phillips said.

Cedric Davis was also a commissioner contender and at the radio station that day.

“I think it puts a black eye on our people, our next generation of leaders and our community and somehow we got to get past that,” Davis said.

Nash still has a civil suit pending against Price. Phillips said he is filing a defamation lawsuit against Caraway for comments he made about Phillips in the days after the radio station fight.