No discipline yet against suspended Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD teachers

The Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD still has not taken any action against three teachers suspended more than five weeks ago over a racist question on a quiz.

The district gave parents a forum Monday to talk about diversity and inclusion. But parents also went looking for answers about why those middle school teachers have not been disciplined yet over a derogatory question about Chinese culture on a social studies quiz.

Parents, alumni and employees of Carrollton-Farmers Branch were invited to speak and share their feelings and frustration.

Several parents feel since the quiz question was made public, the administration hasn’t communicated a clear plan moving forward. 

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More than a dozen people took to the microphone Monday evening at Blalack Middle School during what the Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD calls a listening and learning session. 

A public conversation parent Karen Lamano says she’s been waiting for. 

"I would like to see improvements from the district," she said. "It’s May. I don’t even remember what? Five weeks ago. That is such a long time."

Lamano says she was forced to have a difficult conversation with her sixth-grade daughter in late March. The girl is among the Blalack Middle School students given a social studies quiz question during remote learning. 

The quiz asked middle schoolers: "Which one of these Chinese norms is true?" It was followed by answers referring to manners in a restaurant, punishment for children and eating certain animals.

"We had to go back to the lesson," Lamano said. "It was on the test so we were taught that! Ok, so the lesson is wrong!"

Three teachers have been on paid administrative leave since then over that racist quiz question. The district says the investigation is now complete but still under review. 

As of Monday, the teachers’ statuses remain the same.

Last week, Superintendent Dr. John Chapman addressed the school board revealing a number of parents have called and emailing wanting an update. 

"I understand that there may be interest in knowing about the details about the review process and any actions that may have been taken place," he said.

Lamano is one of those parents trying to stay on top of the situation, and she also wants a thorough review of the current curriculum. 

"There could be some inappropriate material in a math or science class," she said. "As much as I would like to, I can’t look at everything she is reading, every single test, every single assignment." 

Dr. Chapman still has not confirmed whether the question was a part of the curriculum approved by the district.

"Please understand in order to maintain the integrity of the review process and the fairness to the employees, it’s not our practice to discuss personnel matters," he said.

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Dr. Chapman said on Monday since the quiz question, he's met with Blalack Middle School students and staff face-to-face as well as hired a third-party organizer to develop an equity plan.

But with the school year soon to be over, Lamano questions if it all enough.

"There isn’t a sense of urgency or a sense of importance," she said. "We have to extend trust to the staff, and right now I don’t feel like I have that."

Since the teachers have been on paid leave, substitute teachers have stepped in. 

The district continues to tell FOX 4 it will not take questions on camera until the review process is complete. 

There is no timeline for when the review will be complete.