Newnan teens find, return envelope of cash

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A group of Coweta County teenagers is credited with doing the right thing after finding and returning an envelope full of misplaced money.

Newnan High School seniors J.D. Brass, Patrick Boren, Ryanne Hart, Logan Hudson, and Yannick Powder said they were downtown for the art walk when they spotted the envelope on the ground near Golden's on the Square.

"Yannick, like, points down with an astonished look on his face and so I looked down and I see this envelope and I could see some money hanging out," Hudson said. "So, I pick it up and a look and I realize there's a lot of money in the envelope."

Someone suggested they take the $430 to the Newnan Times-Herald, Powder said. When the teens arrived, publisher Clay Neely decided to take a picture of them with the cash and posted it on the newspaper's Facebook page to let the owner know where he could claim it.  The envelope had the name "Chris Walker" written on the front.

Within a half hour, three women came to retrieve the envelope. Nikki Weaver said she met up with Chris Walker's wife, Karley, and planned to give her the envelope to pay the Walkers for her family's part of an upcoming camping trip. Somehow, she dropped it before she could give it to Walker.

"I felt nauseated because that was quite a large amount of money to lose and I knew I would never see it again," said Weaver.  

She was blown away, however, by the teens' honesty.

"It was relief. It was proud of these kids," Weaver said. 

The students said they were just happy to help and hope that someone would do the same thing for them if they ever lost a significant amount of cash.