New York has 1,000 coronavirus deaths

New York state's death toll from the coronavirus outbreak surged Sunday above 1,000, less than a month after the first case was detected in the state.

New York City reported in the evening that its toll had risen to 776. The total number of statewide deaths isn't expected to be released until Monday, but with at least 250 additional deaths recorded outside the city as of Sunday morning, the state's total fatalities was at least 1,026.

The state accounts for more than 40% of coronavirus deaths in the U.S.

Meanwhile, new data is showing which parts of the city are being hit the hardest by disease and that nearly a quarter of the people who’ve died of coronavirus in the state were nursing home residents.

In total, Cuomo said that 172,360 people in New York have been tested for coronavirus, with 59,513 testing positive. So far, 8,503 people have been hospitalized, 2,037 are in intensive care, but 3,572 people have been discharged.

While the number of people discharged from the hospital has been increasing day by day, Cuomo and health officials said that they believe the total number of coronavirus deaths in New York will likely be in the thousands.

Cuomo lauded first responders and health care workers for their work during the outbreak, saying that 76,019 healthcare workers have volunteered to assist with the fight against coronavirus.

"That makes them, in my book, just truly amazing, outstanding human beings," Cuomo said.

The state is also extending Cuomo's directive for all non-essential workers to work from home for an additional two weeks, until April 15.

Cuomo also said that the NY/NJ/CT travel advisory is not a lockdown, and reminded non-essential workers to stay at home.

Finally, due to the financial effects of fighting the pandemic, Cuomo said that the state is expecting to have to make extreme cuts to the budget in the future. 


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