New video released of Lancaster movie theater robbery

Lancaster police hope new video released will help them identify the masked men behind a movie theater robbery Tuesday night.

FOX 4 was first to bring you exclusive body cam video of the high drama surrounding the movie theater robbery that resulted in the beating of the Cinemark Theater’s assistant manager.

Investigators say the men are dangerous and violent and surveillance video shows just how quickly the robbery could have become a murder.

The call to 911 came moments after three robbers stormed the theater office, catching the manager off guard. The man wearing a scream mask stuck a pistol to the ribs of the 19-year-old worker. The other two robbers quickly follow. One of the men went into a back room while the other started taking loose money off a table.

Moments later, one of the robbers pulled out a can of spray paint and blacks out the cameras.

An enhanced version of the video shows the manager actually grabbing the gun and try to push it away as he's forced to open the safe.

While all three suspects are dressed in black, wearing hoodies, masks, and gloves, investigators also pointed out something unusual.

"One of the suspects with the spray paint can has on gray colored loafer-type shoes with white trim,” said Lt. Clifford Wherley with the Lancaster Police Department.

As soon as the manager opened the safe, police say the suspect hit the manager with the gun four times, knocking him to the ground.

"That's very concerning because that's pretty aggressive,” said Wherley.

Even though police arrived within minutes, they believe the robbers were already gone when officers swarmed the theater. They evacuated 200 patrons and swept he entire building.

Police hope the robbers can be identified by their movements or mannerisms.

Investigators are hoping they may get more clues from surveillance cameras from neighboring business.