New surveillance video in deadly Garland convenience store robbery

Garland police hope surveillance video will help them track down two men who shot and killed a store clerk during an attempted robbery.

Manish Panday, 35, was murdered early Sunday morning and it was not the first time he was robbed while working at the convenience store off Broadway Boulevard.

Video shows suspect No. 1 pull out a gun as soon as he enters. Suspect No. 2 put in extra effort to hide his face. They approached the counter as another camera caught a view of a Spider-Man backpack and bright orange or red underwear on one of the men.

The two fought with, then shot and killed store clerk, Panday.  He was the store owner’s nephew and expecting a child with his common-law wife.

Police point out the pistol is silver on top, the bottom is black. Another key clue is one of the suspect’s hood falls down, revealing a hair bun at the back of his head and the lower back portion of his head shaved.

"Somebody is going to be able to identify either the clothing, the backpack, the handgun, the hair bun. There's so many different things in regards to the video surveillance that we have, somebody's going to be able to identify them,” said Garland PD’s Pedro Barineau.

More of the investigation is playing out in the area surrounding the Exxon gas station on Broadway Blvd. A scent tracking bloodhound from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice is normally used to track down escaped prisoners, but was used Monday to help with the search.

In this case, one of the two at-large could be injured.

“During the struggle we believe one of the suspects injured their leg and they were limping out of there, so we are hoping that people know these people and their normal demeanor, find out that he's walking with a limp. They might be able to identify them,” Barineau said.