Neighbors deliver dozens of Amazon packages found dumped in Justin

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More than 60 Amazon packages that were found in a creek in Denton County still ended up at their final destination thanks to the help of some caring neighbors.

FOX 4 viewer Bobby Jack shared photos of boxes in a creek near the Hardeman Estates neighborhood in Justin. He said the packages were discarded even though Amazon’s tracking service showed they were delivered to a safe location.

Neighbors called the Justin Police Department, who retrieved some 66 packages. Jack said he and his neighbors gathered up the packages and delivered most of them to their rightful owners.

“First thinking is maybe there was a truck driving through town that the back and didn't get shot and the packages from off the back of the truck,” said Justin Police Lt. Scott Davis. “When you look at the packages, it didn't kind of appear that way. It kind of appears that some of them were placed the way that they were. Can't say for sure right now.”

Amazon confirmed it is investigating the incident which involved a contracted delivery driver.

“This does not reflect the high standards we have for those delivering Amazon packages and we will address this with our delivery service provider,” the company said in a statement. “We appreciate the assistance of the local police to help get the packages to customers.”

The Justin Police Department still has a handful of packages belonging to people in Argyle. Anyone that is missing a package is asked to call the Justin Police Department to see if they have it.

Amazon would not say if the driver faced any disciplinary action. Justin PD says it’s up to Amazon to determine if they want to pursue any criminal charges against the driver.