Neighbor who assaulted Jacqueline Craig's son found guilty

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The man who assaulted Jacqueline Craig’s young son was found guilty of the misdemeanor.

The December 2016 incident led to the viral video of Jacqueline Craig’s arrest.

Craig and her family members confronted neighbor Itamar Vardi after he attacked her then-8-year-old son. Instead, it ended with the arrest of Craig and two of her daughters.

A municipal court jury found on Wednesday found Vardi guilty of assault by offensive contact for putting his hand on the neck and shoulder of Craig’s son. The judge gave Vardi the option of taking the conviction off his record if he pays a $569 fine and does community service. He accepted the offer.

Vardi testified that because he has an accent he wasn't sure the boy understood when he asked him to pick up trash he had littered. Vardi used his attorney's shoulder to demonstrate how he placed his hand on the child.

The 2016 incident was caught on cell phone and body cam video as the situation evolved into a confrontation with police. Craig and two of her daughters were arrested. Charges against them were later dropped.

About a month later, Vardi got a citation for assault by offensive contact, a Class C misdemeanor.

Attorney Lee Merritt says the Craig family is still not getting justice.

“The family ultimately was upset by this court and the Fort Worth Police Department and the city of Fort Worth for treating this issue as if it’s not a big deal,” Merritt said.

Officer William Martin, who arrested Craig and her daughters, was suspended for 10 days for how he handled the call. Craig wanted him to be fired.

Vardi's other option was for to pay a smaller fine and accept the conviction.