N. TX lakes still dealing with impacts from flooding

Recent flooding in North Texas left its mark on area lakes, and that could affect summer recreation plans.

The Army Corps of Engineers recently released its list of facilities that will remain closed for repairs.

Joe Pool Lake is closed, and so is most of Cedar Hill State Park. Campers lucky enough to get a spot on high ground don't have to go far to see why.

It could be Labor Day before many recreational areas and campgrounds are dry and clean.

The wave action causes the most damage to areas that aren't usually underwater.

It will take time to make those repairs after the lake goes down.

The boat docks from the marina have broken loose; boats still in their slips are washed onto the shore, which will be dry ground when the water goes down.

The full list of facilities closed for repairs is as follows:

  • Belton - Some campgrounds are open but most facilities will not be available this summer.
  • Georgetown - Campgrounds and some day use areas are open but not boat docks.
  • Granger - Most campgrounds and ramps are open but docks and trails are still impacted.
  • Hords Creek - No swimming beaches and one of two parks is under construction and not available.
  • Joe Pool - Check with local park and marina operators.
  • Lavon - Limited campground and day use until August; some ramps open.
  • O.C. Fisher - No ramps but all other facilities open.
  • Proctor - Most facilities not available but some will reopen in August. Water receding very slowly.
  • Sam Rayburn - Campgrounds heavily impacted by high water.
  • Waco - Limited availability of facilities until Labor Day.
  • Wright-Patman - Most facilities open but beaches and some boat ramps not available.