N. TX day care vandalized twice in 1 week

A North Texas school and day care was broken into and damaged twice in one week.

The center is a lifeline for hundreds of families in an underserved community.

The burglaries happened at Greater Cornerstone Academy. One of the burglaries happened on Sunday, while the other happened Tuesday night.

Sleeping mats were stolen, along with a laptop from a front building. During Tuesday’s burglary, the food was stolen from a back building, including pretzels, fruit snacks and all other snacks the children eat.

It appears the thieves took only things they could carry.

Day care workers say the food could've fed more than 100 children -- many of them low income -- who take part in an event called Trunk or Treat, in which youngsters go trick-or-treating at decorated car trunks in the parking lot the day before Halloween.

Day care workers say both doors were broken.

They don't have a lot of money to work with; the church pays for everything itself, and everything else they have is donated.