Murder suspect admits to being at scenes, says he wasn't gunman

A man charged with a murder in Plano and who police say is linked to a double murder the same day in Arlington admits he was at the scenes of both crimes but wasn’t the triggerman.

Franklin Barnes, 18, made the admissions from behind bars in an interview with FOX4.

Barnes would not identify his girlfriend, but did say he met her in Arlington where she got in his car and they drove to her drug dealer’s location and bought some marijuana around 7 a.m.

Arlington police, who have not charged Barnes with a crime, say cell phone records place him at the scene where two men were shot to death in a car in the back of an Arlington apartment complex.

Barnes says he and his girlfriend smoked most of that marijuana as they drove to Plano where Barnes says he bought more from his friend Quintarius Young. About 9:30 that morning Plano police responded to a shooting spree that wounded three people and killed the man Barnes called his friend, Quintarius Young.

"Man I can't even, I really done cried my tears you dig? I already cried my tears and that stuff hurt,” Barnes said. "I didn't shoot nobody, definitely. And I don't recall shooting nobody, I don't have a gun."

Barnes says after purchasing the drugs from young he spent some time with his girlfriend, then went back to his McKinney home where he fell asleep and didn't wake up until police showed up at his home Thursday evening.

Barnes is now charged with young's murder as well as two counts of attempted murder and one count of aggravated assault. He remains in the Collin County jail on $1.25 million bond.