Move-in Day Mafia helps students who aged-out of foster care as they enter Paul Quinn College

College freshmen who recently aged-out of the foster care system found some extra help as they moved into the dorms at Paul Quinn College.

The Move-in Day Mafia is a network of volunteers filling the gap for students who don't have the traditional family support system.

The program is also assisting some other students who need financial support.

Volunteers set up dorm rooms for 13 students at Paul Quinn College Wednesday.

This is their inaugural event, and the goal is for the students to focus on learning.

"I want you to go to school and have a good time, don't want you to have to worry about your needs being met," Teej Mercer told one of the students.

Mercer is a fairy godmother of sorts. 

Her official title is founder of the nonprofit Move-in Day Mafia.

"Specifically, to provide dorm makeovers and support to either kids who have aged out of foster care - they beat the odds and are going to college - or just need our resources because either they don't have the family support or financial support," she explained.

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Local volunteers have stepped up to deliver hundreds of donated items to set up the dorm rooms for incoming freshmen, like Joanna Nicolas, who just arrived from Houston.

She's on a soccer scholarship and wants to become pediatric physical therapist.

Nicolas appreciates the help.

"I feel like it’s really a good opportunity they give to the families to provide for them, because we don't always know what families are going through," she said.

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services has faced sharp criticism from lawmakers.

A lack of bed space has led to some foster care kids being sent out of state.

A recent report found high workloads on individual caseworkers and ongoing placement woes.

In January, a U.S. district court ordered a series of reforms.

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Meanwhile, at Paul Quinn College, the hope is the students will have much less to worry about with help from the Move-in Day Mafia and their community partners.

"It’s going to inspire other young people that there are people out there who care, that support their academic goal," said Maurice West, with Paul Quinn College.

One of the local community partners is called Travel and Travel.

Through a four-year partnership, the organization will be able to provide these students with financial literally classes, mental health resources, and everything else they need to get from freshman to graduation.

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