More money needed to keep Dallas streets from worsening

If you think Dallas streets are awful now after a tough winter and spring flooding, they might only get worse, and that's even if the city spends millions on repairs.

A lot of people at Dallas City Hall, including the mayor, said they thought the city's additional $17 million would be enough to make the city's streets a little better.

But it turns out that money won't even keep the streets from getting worse.

To make Dallas' streets a mere one percent better, the city would need to increase the streets budget by $90 million more.

To simply keep the streets from getting worse than they are today, the city needs to come up with at least $7 million more dollars.

But the mayor and council members pointed out that the city's own video told residents the $17 million would improve streets.     

The city manager's office will now be looking to see if more money can be found in the city's budget to at least keep the streets from getting worse than they are now.

Some council members are also concerned that the current $17 million calls for $3 million to come out of the city's reserve fund.

Also at city hall on Wednesday, there was talk of cutting property taxes since they’ve gone up for several years in a row.

The idea gained more traction than in the past, but ultimately failed 6-to-9.

It could still come up again next month.