Mom: Son wandered away from school unnoticed

A North Texas mom says her 4-year-old walked out of his pre-K classroom unnoticed and got on a school bus he wasn't meant to ride.

Then, the driver reportedly did something that put the student in serious danger. 

The boy’s mother is thankful for the Good Samaritan who kept her son safe.

Kaneisha Metcalf says on Wednesday afternoon when she went to pick her son up from pre-K, he wasn't there.

"I’m like, ‘Where’s my baby?’” said Metcalf. “She tells me, ‘I don't know.’ What do you mean you don't know?”

Metcalf says she and school staff immediately started searching from him throughout the campus and neighborhood.

“He’s nowhere to be found,” said Metcalf.

But 45 minutes later, Clayton McKee found little Joquavion.

“He was scared,” said McKee, “He was crying real bad.”

It turns out, the 4-year-old had somehow slipped out of his classroom unnoticed and onto a school bus. The boy says it took him about a mile and a half away, to the corner of Ember Crest Road and Forest Parkway.

“The bus told me to get off the bus and walk home, and I didn't know where my house is,” said Joquavion.

Family say the boy walked up the street and to McKee's house.

“I asked him his name and everything,” said McKee. “He told me his name, so it dawned on me that I needed to google the school. So I googled the school and we found out he was missing.”

Metcalf says she raced over and embraced her son.

 “If my baby would have gotten kidnapped, my baby would have gotten molested, my baby would have got ran over…anything negative would have happened, it would have been on them,” she said.

Now, Metcalf says something needs to change.

“The only thing they keep telling me is, ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry,’” she said. “Sorry don't get it.”

Dallas ISD says it’s aware of the incident and as a result, the school and district is reviewing what happened as well as its procedures to keep students safe.

Joquavion’s mom says she wants specifics on how staff can guarantee this won’t happen again.