Mom looks for DPS trooper who gave her son his hat

With all the controversy surrounding national anthem protests in the NFL, there was a subtle, spontaneous moment at Sunday’s Cowboys game that counters that talk.

As first responders were coming off the field after a tribute for the 15th anniversary of 9/11 one DPS trooper showed kindness to a little boy who had a police hat and a fire truck by giving him his hat.

The boy's mom posted the video of the kind moment on Facebook in hopes to identify the mystery trooper and properly thank him.

2-year-old Cannon Loftin had his toy fire engine and was wearing his favorite police hat when he greeted first responders from a sideline box at the Cowboys game.

The boy’s mom, Cassie, a former Cowboys cheerleader, took cell phone video of the moment.

"He's used to seeing cheerleaders and players on the sidelines but that just made his eyes light up, seeing the policeman out there,” she explained.

The video of the state trooper going for a fist bump and then dropping his cowboy hat on Cannon’s head was posted on social media and quickly got thousands of views.

"When they make a little kid smile like that, as a parent, [there is] nothing better than that,” said the boy's father, Collin.

"I made it public on my Facebook just in case someone knew who the state trooper was,” said Cassie. “I got tons of messages from people who knew him."

The trooper was Dave Stewart from Linden, Texas. Cassie was able to get in contact with his sister and will be mailing a care package to him.

Stewart said what he did was a spur of the moment gift for a little boy whose show of affection caught the attention of the whole group.

"We saw him sitting over there. He had his police hat on. He was waving at us, and we were waving back,” said Stewart. “When you see kids like that pulling for us and what we're doing special like at a ballgame out in the public, it's pretty special. "He did way more for us than I think I could ever have done with that hat.”

Cassie and Collin say Cannon has had a long fascination with police and firefighters. They say since he got the hat, he’s been wearing it every waking moment.