Mom arrested after baby found abandoned near drainage ditch

A 9-month old baby is alive after spending nearly nine hours lying face down in a drainage ditch near an Arlington creek while it rained overnight.

Arlington police said they wouldn’t have known to look for the baby if not for his drunk and home-invading mom.

Investigators said Amanda Smith burst into two strangers’ homes and they found her wandering around a property on Spring Miller Court on Sunday night with a 2-year-old child.

Officers said Smith could barely function when they arrived and she couldn’t even give them her name.

It wasn’t until she was arrested and police called the children's grandparents that they learned Smith had another child.

Police searched for the 9-month-old for hours late Sunday and finally found him underneath a stroller near a drainage ditch.

Police said the baby boy was covered in bug bites, but is healthy.

Smith has been arrested for two counts of abandoning and endangering a child, resisting arrest, trespassing and failure to identify herself.

Arlington police said CPS placed the woman’s children with a reliable relative.