Missy Bevers' daughter raises money for investigation at livestock auction

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The daughter of a murdered Midlothian woman used a livestock auction to raise money and awareness in the effort to find her mom’s killer.

Allison Bevers, just before showing her Duroc pig to a crowd of potential bidders, made it known she was raising money to help in the search for Missy Bevers’ killer.

The pig, which typically would’ve been sold for a few thousand dollars, drew a winning bid of $15,000.

Missy Bevers was setting up for a fitness class early in the morning on April 18, 2016 when she was murdered. Detective’s best clue was video of the killer walking through the church, but they have not been able to name a suspect or a motive for the murder.

Tara Yarbrough and members of the newly formed group Ellis County Women in Business just happened to be at the livestock show on a mission to support girls who raise pigs for auction, an effort they’ve dubbed Project Bring Home the Bacon.

"Every kid that goes up the ramp they tell their name, what they are pigs name is and what their plans are. So that was the first time any of us had heard what the plan was and of course dad just took at your heartstrings and we were like we have to do this, we have to get this pig,” Yarbrough said.

The group wound up placing the winning bid.

Some of the women knew Bevers. Others are familiar with the disturbing details surrounding her unsolved murder. Nearly two years later, no arrests have been made.

"I knew what happened and having kids I can't even imagine not having closure to that,” Yarbrough said. “Women in our group did know her and worked out with her and were friends with her so it was just a perfect, perfect fit. Yes."

Yarbrough said they informed Allison Bevers she could keep her pig and they plan to surround her with continued support moving forward.

"It really wasn't about the pig! It was about the pig and her,” Yarbrough said.

The Midlothian police department said in a statement how proud they are of Allison Bevers and details are not yet determined how the money raised will be allocated to the investigation.