Mission Arlington helps families with Christmas toys for children

Mission Arlington is working down to the wire to help families in need this holiday season.

So far it has serviced roughly 12,000 people, which works out to be 7,000 families. 

Mission Arlington is one of the largest charitable organizations and it works right up to Christmas Day. They are still accepting toy donations and are expecting a very busy week.

On Monday it was a busy day filled with families picking out presents – like toys, books, dolls, footballs and board games. Nothing was exchanged at the checkout but a smile and grateful hearts. 

Lisa Bell knows it all too well what the help means, as her husband lost his job due to the pandemic.

"I haven’t been here in a long time, but coming back here today, seeing everything they have done to provide for families who have hit hard times, not being able to afford things for their kids, it’s just phenomenal overwhelming, it’s overwhelming to me," Bell said.

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The Christmas store at Mission Arlington began decades ago with the donation of a ball, a bat and a coat. It’s grown to one of the largest charitable operations in full giving mode, right up until Christmas Day. 

"If somebody on the 24th comes and says man I’ve had a fire, something has happened. This store is open. We won’t have the volunteers, people want to go home to their families, but we don’t turn people away," said Tillie Bergin, Mission Arlington.

Gloria Crossett and her family are some of those volunteers and they give their time and effort to Mission Arlington every year.

"It makes us feel so special to be able to help Mission Arlington and all their beautiful works," Crossett said.

The only requirement to shop in the Mission Arlington Christmas store is proof that you have children to care for, such as school records or a rental lease.

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