Dallas PD hosts food giveaway at Paul Quinn College

Dallas police flooded Paul Quinn College campus wearing smiles.

The department is bringing a number of different groups together for a big community giveaway.

The outreach in a part of East Oak Cliff is to help the underserved and sometimes overlooked.

Paul Quinn College Campus is the distribution center for a Dallas Police Department Christmas giveaway.

"We address a lot of community needs over the course of the year with people dealing with COVID and financial strains," said Dallas PD Sr. Cpl. James Farmer. "We wanted to provide food to this area which is located in a food desert."

Organized by DPD, cars and SUVs stretched down Simpson Stewart.

"I think it’s great. I do appreciate their services," said Jeri Crayton. "I’m here for my elderly neighbors, and it’s a blessing to have someone that cares about us in this neighborhood."

Dallas police and their many partners are meeting needs so people don't have to make hard choices.

"If there's any reason why people feel they're having to make tradeoffs between paying bills or putting gas in their car or buying food, the food bank is always an option," said Sienna Encarnacion with the North Texas Food Bank. 

But also new partners like Carter High School junior ROTC students.

"We decided to partner with Dallas Police, Paul Quinn College and North Texas Food Bank to come out and give people groceries in their time of need," said Carter High student Aliya Larzeia.

Officers, the food bank, Carter students, lawyers and judges lifted boxes into cars. 

"And I know that all the persons involved, all law enforcement, all the attorneys, even myself included, our goal is to do justice," said Dallas County Judge Tammy Kemp. "And sometimes that means meeting people's basic needs." 

It’s the work of community policing beyond answering a 911.

"When we say community policing, people expect us to solve all their problems," Farmer said. "But we can’t solve their problems without them. And getting them involved in the things we're doing, they can see us in a different light."

Hundreds are grateful for unexpected gifts this Christmas.

"I’m very blessed and thankful," said Jessica Davis. "We're a big family of eight, and I’m very thankful for this. Very thankful."

At least 400 families got food and other things to make life a little easier and Christmas merry.