Midlothian murder remains unsolved, community on alert

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MIDLOTHIAN – Over a month has passed since a person dressed SWAT gear walked into a church and killed Midlothian Mother, Missy Bevers.

On Friday Police released new information clearing her family members and sharing a photo of what could be the suspect’s car.

The impact of the unsolved case has gained national attention and rocked the small community of Midlothian.
People in Midlothian find comfort in a place like Caroline's Country Cafe. But the comfort brought on by bacon and grits is limited when living in the midst of murder.

Midlothian resident, Amber Hennlich said what many in her community have been thinking, "Something like this happens and it's shocking, you know? It gets the whole town involved like this can't happen here. This is not what we live here for."

"Yeah, I'm still worried about it and I keep up with the news about it all the time" Julia Rawlins and her daughter, Renee Webb, come to Caroline's every Sunday. This morning, like every Sunday morning for the past four weeks, they've dissected the case over coffee.

"Is it a woman that did it, or a man?"

They've reviewed this video, time and again, showing someone in SWAT gear wandering through a Midlothian church moments before police say Bevers was killed with a hammer.

"And to kill with a hammer? I mean, this was like someone really really hated her or something."

Friday, police released new clues: this picture of the Nissan Altima police are looking for, and more details about the person in SWAT gear -- police say he or she is 5'2 to 5'7.

In this tight-knit community, even those who didn't know her, like the McCann family, who've lived here for 34 years, grieve for the Bevers family, and wait for answers.