Men wrongfully imprisoned for decades get new smiles from Dentists of Mansfield

Two men wrongfully imprisoned for decades got new smiles thanks to a non-profit organization.

After Innocence supports former inmates as they rebuild their lives. 

The organization partnered with area dentists to offer Derrick Sanders and Ronald Eubanks comprehensive oral health care. 

Organizers said it's needed because most exonerees received little to no dental care while incarcerated.

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"I can't wait till the day I can eat certain foods, enjoy certain things, be able to go out in public and greet people with a nice smile," Eubanks said.

"I like to take it akin to the analogy of a nice car, a luxurious car, but your headlight is busted," Sanders said. "That's the first thing people are going to notice about the car when you’re pulling up, so my smile is my headlight."

The donated dental work was done as part of the annual Smile Generation Serve Day.

Since the program started in 2011, more than 21,000 patients have received more than $39 million in free oral healthcare.