McKinney residents fed up with unkempt community pool

People living in a McKinney subdivision are angry at the property managers because of a pool they fear is a breeding ground for mosquitos.

The pool at the Barcelona community was supposed to be done in April 2015. It has yet to be completed and is collecting rain water instead.

However, property managers told FOX 4 they promised there would be changes as soon as Friday.

The neighborhood off of 121 and Stacy Road touts itself as an "exceptional, master-planned community." But people who live there say otherwise.

Terrence Wheatley said they've been dealing with the sitting water for months in the neighborhood pool that was supposed be done more than a year ago.

“The water is green. It's been sitting there for a while. It's not moving. It's stagnant. It's gross. It smells,” the homeowner said. “It goes from April to June to August and now they're telling us in September.”

The unfinished pool has become a mounting health concern with mosquitoes, especially for Wheatley's pregnant wife, Kelly.

“I talk to my doctor about it probably on a weekly basis because of all the standing water,” she explained. “I would say it's my highest priority right now just because I'm so afraid about the Zika virus.”

Neighbors say every time they think the pool will be finished, the management company announces another delay.

Essex Management admits weather, staffing issues and other problems have delayed pool construction.

The company's president told FOX 4, "We had not received a notification about the standing water in the pool until today. We spoke to our pool company and they will be on site first thing tomorrow morning."

Essex promises to drain the water, bleach the pool and says pool construction should be finished next month. But some residents remain skeptical.

“I don't think they care. We're not a priority to them,” said Kelly. “I'm 24 weeks pregnant. There's at least four other pregnant women in this neighborhood, and it's really scary for us.”

City officials say they have been spraying various areas for mosquitoes. They also have sent inspectors out to the neighborhood who noted other issues with erosion.