McKinney police tight-lipped about shooting that killed man who allegedly threatened mom with axe

It has been 3 days since a McKinney police officer shot and killed a man whose mother reported that he threatened her with an axe. The department still has not released any information about the victim or specifics surrounding the shooting on Friday afternoon.

They have also not said if there is body camera or any other video evidence, simple facts that must be known by McKinney police.

It was an experience residents who live at the apartment complex nearby won't soon forget.

"I never heard a gunshot before," said 8-year-old Elijah Garcia Chavez.

Chavez was in his family's apartment when he and his grandmother had to take cover.


"We were on the ground," he said.

McKinney police say it was around 4 o'clock Friday when officers responded to a domestic disturbance off Medical Center Drive.

They say a woman was reportedly confronted by her 30-year-old son who was holding an axe and threatening her.

Police say they arrived at the Magnolia Ranch apartments where they chased the suspect foot.

"They started to say stop, stop, stop," said resident Carolina Chavez.

At some point shots were fired by an officer, killing the suspect.

Police have not released his name.

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People speaking with FOX 4 who live nearby don't appear to know him, but they have been talking about the crime scene.

"There were cops everywhere, all in the field," said Breanna Clark. "They were actively looking for someone."

The Texas Rangers are investigating the incident.

McKinney police are choosing to withhold some key information about the deadly police shooting, including what they know about the action that led the officer to use deadly force.

The department has not released any information about the officer.

"All the cops running behind the guy," said Carolina Chavez.

Chavez and her grandson were fearful when they heard gunfire.

"Like a gunshot would go through the window," Elijah Garcia Chavez said.

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They're grateful to be okay.

"It was so scary. I never heard one before," he said.

Employees at the Magnolia Ranch Apartments chose not to comment about the shooting.

The shooting took place outside the complex.