Neighbor recalls 'heartbreaking' scene in McKinney where police say father stabbed son to death

A McKinney father is facing a capital murder charge after his son was found dead with multiple stab wounds. 

It happened Friday afternoon in a neighborhood near Highway 380 and Custer Road. 

McKinney Police Department investigators are working to find out why a father reportedly stabbed his 9-year-old son to death.

The boy was a student at Prosper ISD, according to McKinney ISD.

The father is in a hospital after police said he turned the knife on himself.

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"I was walking the dog earlier and I did see the mother and she was very upset," recalled Terry Dalessandro, who lives nearby.

Dalessandro recalled the horrifying scene, where flowers now lie, off Anson Court. She said the child’s mother was trying to get help.

"When I first walked by, she was over at the neighbor’s crying and she came back over to the house and was knocking at the door, frantically, yelling. I couldn’t understand what she was saying," Dalessandro said.

In a video posted on Facebook, McKinney police said they became aware of this case when a neighbor called 911.

"The caller said that a woman found her son unconscious and bleeding inside the residence," a McKinney PD spokeswoman said.

Officers arrived at the home, but it was too late to save the boy.

"Officers forced entry into the location and located the woman’s husband in the act of inflicting self-harm with a knife. Officers also discovered the child in the garage with multiple stab wounds," the spokeswoman said.

The child was pronounced dead at the scene.

A capital murder charge against the father is pending while he’s being treated in a hospital, according to the department. It’s unclear what led the father to reportedly commit such a gruesome murder against his 9-year-old son. 

"We’re just all devastated for a young child like that," Dalessandro said.

Police told FOX 4 there’s no history of 911 calls to the family’s home and no history of Child Protective Services being involved.

"It’s very heartbreaking, you know. Sending prayers to the mother, you know, I can’t imagine going through what she’s going through," Dalessandro said.

Names of those involved have not been released by police at this point.

They also have not released a medical status of the father.