Maypearl PD Chief turns self in for child sex crime allegations

The Police Chief of Maypearl has turned himself in for charges that include sexual contact with a child. 

Kevin Coffey, 49, is charged with four felonies for sexual indecency and contact with a child.

Coffey turned himself in at the Ellis County jail Wednesday afternoon.

The parents of a 16-year-old girl met with a Texas Ranger saying that their daughter had sexual interactions with Chief Coffey since she was 14.
The nature of the charges are detailed in the arrest affidavit, which says Coffey and the then-14-year-old met at the police station and then started video chatting, where "He told her she was beautiful, a beautiful person and she had a beautiful body."

Things escalated into "Her getting naked for him” and eventually, Coffey exposed himself.

Documents show Coffey and the girl were also physical at the police station, where the chief kissed her, put his hands down her pants and molested her.

Coffey even warned the teen to be cautious "To watch what she sent him on text messages because he could get in trouble but they could go all out sexually on the phone."

The charges come after the Texas Rangers and the Child Exploitation Unit of the attorney general's office took computers, footage from Coffey's body camera, cell phones and thumb drives from his office at the police station and his apartment.

On Wednesday night, the City of Maypearl confirmed that on the advice of counsel, Coffey has been fired as police chief.

Coffey is being held in the Ellis County jail on a $350,000 bond.