Mansfield police break up possible Spring Break party at park, claim to hear gunshots

Police in Mansfield say they heard gunshots while trying to break up a crowd of hundreds of people at Katherine Rose Memorial Park on Monday.

Officers from several police departments were called to the park around 7 p.m. on Monday night.

As they tried to disperse the crowd, officers reported hearing gunshots.

Police could not find anyone who was injured by gunfire, and are currently investigating.

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Posts on social media called on people to come to a "Spring Break Link Up" at the park on Monday night.

It told people to bring water guns, water balloons and other items and said drinks would be provided.

The post ended with the comment "leave the drama wit you mamaaa."

Video from the event shows a large group of people surrounding a car when loud sounds cause the crowd to scatter.

Mansfield police have not announced any arrests.