Mansfield PD chief's wife organizes police support campaign

The wife of Mansfield’s police chief has organized an effort to visibly show support for police officers.

Sherri Aaron has been married for 32 years and on Wednesday was working to cut, tie and glue gun blue ribbons to tie on trees and bracelets.

“It's just a reminder that they're out there. That we want to support them,” Aaron said.

Aaron says the climate for police is hateful, with anti-police rhetoric spewed on the Internet and on social media.

The last straw for Aaron was the killing of Harris County Deputy Darren Goforth.

“There's an attack on police officers right now,” Aaron said. “It's a scary time for our families.”

Aaron said she suspects they've probably cleared out several stores’ supplies of blue ribbon. She hopes her support campaign catches on nationwide.

“We've got to let the guys know we are here to support you. We know you're out there protecting us and we are going to back you,” Aaron said.