Man who confessed to raping 14-year-old now a wanted fugitive

A former Booker T. Washington High School student who was sentenced to probation for raping a 14-year-old classmate is now wanted for violating the terms of his second chance.

Sir Young's sentence set off a firestorm two years ago when Judge Jeanine Howard seemed to blame the 14-year-old victim for the crime.

A new judge took over, but Young's multiple chances may have now run out.

“I plan to finish this probation, sir,” said Young when FOX 4 interviewed him in 2014. “Whatever that judge tells me to do I'm going to do it.”

At 20 years old, Sir Khalil Young promised to get on the right track after his rape conviction. He'd confessed to raping a 14-year-old classmate at Booker T. Washington School for the Performing and Visual Arts when he was 18.

But according to court records, Young hasn't kept up his end of the deal.

A motion to revoke his probation lists the alleged violations including not participating in counseling, failing to pay court fees, and testing positive for marijuana on April 19.

Bobbie Villareal was the executive director of the Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center at the time and has kept up with Young's case.

“How disheartening,” said Villareal. “How absolutely disheartening for any survivor to say, ‘Look, he got a sentence and he went on his way, his merry way for two years.’”

Young’s 45-day jail sentence and five-year probation got national attention when Judge Jeannine Howard made disparaging comments about the victim that were proven false.

Judge Howard recused herself and a second judge imposed stricter sex offender requirements which Young is now accused of ignoring.

Attorney Randy Johnston represented the survivor's family who, he says, don't have much to say about Young's situation because they don't want to revisit a dark chapter in their lives.

“You don't take a chance. You don't treat this lightly. And his behavior as alleged in this motion to revoke suggests he took it way too lightly,” said Johnston. “This is a very strong family. This young girl has a phenomenal strength of character and she is recovering from this with the help of her mother and they are moving on.”

Moving on as Young will now have to face a judge again who may not be willing to give him yet another chance.

“As much as I say we don't need more people in prison, maybe prison is the only way he's going to take this seriously,” said Villareal. “Obviously, he didn’t take it seriously two years ago, which is sad because it's affected a whole community.”

Young's attorney told FOX 4 the motion to revoke his client's probation has been "overblown." He is also working out arrangements to have Young surrender at the Dallas County Jail Tuesday morning.