Man sentencted to life in prison for raping woman at Dallas bus stop

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A man was sentenced to life in prison after a Dallas County jury found him guilty of raping a 62-year-old woman as she walked to a bus stop in Dallas in 2005.

One of Albert Ayala's victims, now 72 years old, testified describing how he raped her near the bus stop.

32-year-old Albert Ayala Jr. was convicted Wednesday morning for raping a 62-year-old woman.

As the sentencing phase got underway, prosecutors painted Ayala as a serial rapist and had powerful DNA to prove it.

Three women testified Ayala used guns, a knife and physical violence to sexually assault them.

Jurors deliberated right through lunch Thursday. Within four hours, they unanimously gave Ayala a life sentence.

Prosecutors say one of the victims was assaulted in May 2006 in the 1000 block of Cherry Laurel Lane.

"I remember waking up on the ground and not really knowing what happened or where I was,” the victim testified. “And then he was right there in front of me, telling me he had a gun and I needed to do whatever he wanted me to do."

After assaulting her, the woman says Ayala stole $40 and her cell phone and told her to run out into the backyard into a large field.

Another woman testified that in November 2005, Ayala sexually assaulted her in the 3900 block of North Hampton and forced her into a van at gunpoint.

A third woman testified Ayala sexually assaulted her in December 2008 in the 3000 block of the 10th Street.

Prosecutors say Ayala's criminal resume began as a juvenile and demonstrates he is dangerous, violent remorseless and indiscriminately evil.

"He's raping old, young, white, Hispanic and African-American,” said Dallas County Prosecutor Leighton D’antoni. “Think about that! Think about how dangerous of a mind that must be."

Ayala's attorney, Philip Hayes, claimed his client is mentally ill and blamed his years of drug use and being in and out of jail as a juvenile.

"Everything you see here, and as bad as it seems and as bad as it sounds, is surrounded by drug use,” the attorney said.

Ayala is already serving a prison sentence for aggravated robbery and still has several years on that charge. 

Judge Brandon Birmingham ordered Ayala's life sentence to begin after he finishes serving his current sentence.

The Dallas county DA’s office says it will pursue justice in the other three aggravated rape cases against Ayala despite his life sentence.