Man on trial for pregnant girlfriend's murder

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A Tarrant County man is now on trial for the murder of his pregnant girlfriend.

Tracy Anderson was found stabbed to death in her Bedford apartment in March of last year. She was eight months pregnant.

Robert Atlas has pleaded not guilty.

During opening statements Wednesday morning, prosecutors described the bloody scene first responders discovered.

A Bedford police officer testified that the front door had been forced open, the bathroom door was ripped off the hinges and there was blood all over the apartment.

Prosecutors say 27-year-old Anderson's body was found in a bedroom with more than 30 cuts and stab wounds.

Her mother, Karen Lewis, testified about her daughter's violent relationship.

She said in one, case Anderson broke her collar bone when Atlas pushed her down the stairs.

She said that another time, Atlas locked her daughter out of the apartment.

Lewis says Atlas was inside with another woman. His explanation was that she was there to teach him Spanish.

Lewis says that also turned into a fight between the two women and Atlas.

Since her daughter's killing, Lewis has started a safe haven organization for battered women, called The Angel House.

Lewis says her organization provides services to victims of domestic violence in 12 different states.

Defense attorneys argued Atlas used deadly force in self-defense.

He was arrested in Louisiana after being found asleep in his car