Man in stolen car dies during police chase

A man died after crashing a stolen car during a police chase near Fort Worth.

The chase started around 2 a.m. Monday after officers in east Fort Worth spotted a car that was reported stolen. They tried to pull the driver over, but he took off.

After about a minute or so the driver lost control of the car. He hit several parking lot signs and other things in the 3700 block of Bisbee Street in Forest Hill.

The impact killed the driver, whose name has not yet been released.

Police were still at the scene investigating about an hour later when gunfire rang out in the 4300 block Bisbee Street.

Officers who responded found a white Ford F-150 in a ditch and a silver Honda car next to it. One man and one woman were shot, but their injuries were not serious. A third man was not hurt.

The shooting added to the traffic congestion in the area.