Man attacked after leaving Richardson mosque late Monday

Richardson police do not believe religion or ethnicity was the reason a man was attacked as he was leaving the Dallas Central Mosque late Monday.

A witness saw two men jump the man in the back parking lot after evening prayers about 10 p.m. They ran away as other worshipers came out of the building.

The assault victim suffered some cuts and bruises, but no major injuries. Police said the men did not take anything from the victim.

"During follow-up interviews with the victim, he has given investigators reason to believe and he is of the opinion that he was likely targeted for reasons other than his religion or ethnicity," Richardson police said in a statement Tuesday afternoon. "Investigators continue to explore a variety of potential explanations for the offense without being able to conclude an exclusive motive at this time."

The mosque is near Abrams Road and Centennial Boulevard in Richardson.

A brief description of the attackers from police was: a man with a chubby build, 6'1", black shirt and unknown age; a man with short hair, black shirt, tan shorts and unknown age.