Man attacked after leaving Oak Lawn bar

A Dallas man is recovering from stab wounds on his face and neck.

He and police are trying to figure out why someone attacked him after leaving a bar in the Oak Lawn area of Dallas. 

The man, Jaime Dominguez, is still trying to piece together what happened.

He says he left a nightclub on Cedar Springs Road for the half-mile walk home, and that was his last memory before waking up at Parkland Hospital. 

Dominguez has a cut to his left eye, small puncture wounds behind his ear and on his ribcage and arm.

“The doctors are saying the injury on the back of my arm kind of looks like I was trying to put up my arms to fight them off or protect myself,” said Dominguez.

He says what’s most painful is not knowing how he was hurt.

“I woke up in the trauma unit surrounded by doctors and not really knowing what was going on,” he said.

The back of his head is sore, but he's not sure if he was knocked out.

“it's swollen and it's sore,” he said. “I can't definitively say if that's where I was hit or if that's where I passed out before I was found.”

Dominguez was not robbed. He says his wallet still had cash in it and no cards are missing. 

Dallas police have assigned a detective and are investigating the incident as an aggravated assault, but so far, police have little to go on.

While Dominguez says he drank alcohol that night, he did not get into any fights.

“I would have wounds from a fist fight,” he said. “If something like that had been done, I wouldn't have been stabbed multiple times.”

He has no other bruises -- just cuts, puncture wounds and questions.

“I don't know if it was an isolated one off or if this guy is out there looking for people to be by themselves to take advantage of them,” said Dominguez.

His phone is missing, but he’s not sure if it was taken or lost. That's what he also told police, which is why this isn't classified as a robbery.

A man was beaten and robbed leaving a pride parade in the area late last month, but there's no indication that the incidents are related because Dominguez, at this point, does not remember if someone said something to him that would lead police to believe this was a hate crime.