Man accused in 2009 DWI crash faces life in prison

A drunken driving defendant is facing life in prison for a 2009 crash that led to a little boy's death.

A Tarrant County judge will decide Stewart Richardson's sentence. It's a case that includes his long history of DWI convictions. 

Richardson was in court Monday, looking quite disheveled at a proceeding to determine his punishment.

He pleaded guilty to the 2009 crash that caused severe brain damage to then-2-year-old Abdallah Khader. 

The 8-year-old boy lived in a vegetative state and died in January this year from complications from pneumonia. 

In court, it was noted that Richardson has 22 prior convictions in five states, including now 10 for alcohol related driving offenses.

Several witnesses testified from Iowa through a Skype-like connection.

One of them was Richardson's younger brother, James. 

"So you weren't aware of the number of times he'd been in trouble until you saw the news report of this particular offense, is that right?” said a defense attorney. 

“Right,” said James Richardson. 

“But you were aware that he's been convicted of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated or while impaired nine times prior to the offense that we are here about today, aren't you?” said the attorney.  

“Not until this came down,” said James.  

Khader’s parents were in court on Monday. They have vowed to will be present until Stewart Richardson is sentenced.

The case could last most of this week.

The state begins its case first thing Tuesday.

Monday's remote witnesses were defense witnesses, but scheduled Monday for convenience.