Lyft driver shot by another driver in Dallas

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Dallas police are trying to find the suspect who shot a Lyft driver while he had passengers in the car.

The shooting happened just before 2 a.m. Saturday, when police say another driver shot a man working for Lyft in East Dallas.

He had just picked up two men from a nearby club.

When he crossed the intersection of Capitol and Bennett, the passengers say a white Lexus drove up, and someone inside the vehicle fired several rounds, hitting the driver and shattering the passenger side window.

Witnesses say the Lyft driver was shot in the leg and taken to the hospital. He's expected to survive.

The two passengers who were in the car at the time were not hurt, and no other injuries were reported. 

Police have not released a suspect or vehicle description, and they would not say if the victim knew the shooter.

“It was just like a lot of chaos at 2 in the morning, which never happens over here,” one person who lives nearby said.

Neighbors who live near the corner of Capitol and Bennett woke up to gunfire in the middle of the night.

One neighbor said he and others called 911 and ran out to see if they could help.

“With the broken window and everything, talking about, ‘Please help, please help. I've been shot, I've been shot,’” he recalled.

The shooting was just steps from Elliot Pickles' bedroom window.

Broken glass from the victim's car is still in the street in front of his apartment.

“It was about six shots total I'd say,” Pickles said. “All really quick, and then you heard a car just screech off.”

“The two guys ducked down once they started hearing the gunfire, from what they came and talked to us about,” one witness said. “When they saw there were no more gunshots, they ran down there and they came back. When they came back, and that's when they were trying to see about the Lyft driver.”

Dallas police aren't saying much about the suspect or who the intended target was.

“They shot right at that guy. I don't know if he had any personal business going on or whatever, but that right there was more personal. Eight shots,” a witness said.

Neighbors are just thankful no one else in the area was hurt.

“Bad ricochet or something could've gone right through my window while I was sleeping, so it's shocking to think about. Luckily that didn't happen, hopefully doesn't happen again,” Pickles said.

Police also haven't said if they're looking for one or multiple suspects.

Reps with Lyft said they've reached out to the driver to offer support and will assist in the investigation any way they can.