Loop 12 at I-30 shutdown for one week due to flooding

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Flooding on Loop 12 at Interstate 30 left drivers stranded for hours Friday morning and the intersection will be closed for one week due to draining problems.

The water under the overpass was at least 2 or 3 feet high, making it impassable. Even some of the big trucks and SUVs trying to go through got stuck.

Drivers were finally free from the traffic nightmare about noon, but the water in the intersection wouldn't move.

Officials told FOX4 the drains for the intersection could not take the water out because the area where the water drains to was also flooded.

Irving police said Friday afternoon the intersection would remain closed for a week due to the flooding.

TxDOT officials said they would bring in pumps to help empty the intersection of water, but additional rain headed to the Dallas area meant it would be safer to keep the intersection closed.

The backup began early Friday morning with the start of rush hour. Some drivers sat in the backup for more than six hours with nowhere to go.

"I was actually coming off the exit here and noticed everyone was out of their cars… so we're kinda stranded," one driver said.

"I see a lot of cars trying to go through and it doesn't look like a smart thing. I've never seen anything like it and I wouldn't put my car through that," another driver said.

By late morning there was still a large backup with drivers unable to turn their cars around. Texas Department of Transportation brought in a crane to move a concrete barrier so that drivers could turn around.

That finally allowed drivers to turn around and go back away from the flooded out intersection.