Longhorns fan attends 65th Red River Showdown while remembering best friend

The Texas - OU game at the Cotton Bowl is one of college football’s most storied rivalries and many of the 92,000 fans who attend each year have a story of their own. Like an 82-year-old who has been to 65 straight games.

It’s a tradition that began as a fluke for Jerry Irons, and his college roommate Jack Smith back in 1953.
“He called me, he'd gone to the cleaners and some guy had left tickets there if anyone wanted them.  To the Texas - OU Game. He got them and that's what started it, we've gone 61 games here,” said Irons.

Smith died in a car crash four years ago, but Irons says they had already discussed that sort of scenario and decided to continue the tradition.

“We'd already agreed even if the funeral was on that day, the other would have to go to that game,” said Irons. 

After all these years, there is one game that still stands out.

“My favorite game was when Earl Campbell, the year he won the Heisman, won 7-0.”

Since then, Irons has seen his team through both good times and bad, and he always comes back.

“I didn't start out to do this, but when we got up to 49 or 50, we realized we had something special going.” He said. “After we got 50 something, we thought, let's keep going. Can't stop, too much pressure.”

The Longhorns beat the Sooners 48-45 on Saturday, with a last minute field goal.