Local, national police groups call for Dallas PD Chief Brown's ouster

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National and state law enforcement organizations joined Dallas' largest police union on Wednesday in calling for Chief David Brown’s removal.

Observers believe it’s the biggest orchestrated effort to oust a chief in the history of the Dallas Police Department.

“We're all here today because the Dallas Police Department is broken,” said Dallas Fraternal Order of Police President Richard Todd.

Other groups in attendance were the Dallas Police Association, National Black Police Officers Association and National Fraternal Order of Police. The gathering of national and state police groups calling for change at DPD has never happened before.

The complaints on Wednesday: slow police response times, chase policies that restrict officer engagement, use of force policies that associations have complained put officers at risk and a claim of weak ethics at the top levels of DPD.

“We have to be doing our job and we have to be getting there in an expedient amount of time and that’s not happening,” said Ron Pinkston, Dallas Police Association. “These officers all know it. That’s why they are standing here. That’s why we stand united today.”

Earlier this week the Dallas Black Police Officers Association, not a part of the national group attending the news conference, defended Brown.

“One thing about Chief Brown is he is firm, but he is fair,” said Cletus Judge, DBPOA.

Brown also retains the support of Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings and city manager A.C. Gonzalez.

Gonzalez told FOX4 in an email he has "full faith in Chief Brown and his ability to lead the Dallas Police Department."