‘Leaning Tower of Dallas’ demolition could take days or weeks, company says after Day 2 of work

The “Leaning Tower of Dallas” continued to prove it wasn't going down without a fight on Tuesday.

Crews got to work just before 10 a.m. using the same wrecking ball to slowly chip away at the structure, but by the end of the day the structure had only slightly changed.

The demolition, which the company said Tuesday evening will take days or longer, is dragging because of the small wrecking ball being used.

“Only the building will determine how many days it will take to safely complete the project,” said De La Vega Development and Lloyd D. Nabors Demolition in a joint press release on Tuesday evening.

The company claims OSHA regulations prevent them from using a bigger wrecking ball which would speed up the demolition.

“The crane and wrecking ball will diminish the building until it is at an acceptable height for a high-reach excavator, equipped with a hydraulic hammer, to conclude the work,” the press release stated.

The company hired to demolish the old 11-story Affiliated Computer Services building failed on its first attempt at an implosion last Sunday. The core of the building, where the elevators and stairwells were, remained standing at an angle for a week and became a viral sensation.

Demolition will continue on Wednesday morning.


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