North Texans hoping to avoid high prices during last-minute Thanksgiving shopping

Getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner sometimes includes last-minute trips to the grocery store, but inflation is causing some families to have to make some difficult choices on what they can afford.

Shoppers FOX 4 spoke to Wednesday said they are definitely concerned about prices this year.

Inflation is taking a toll on the family budget, but grocery stores are still busy.

At the Kroger grocery store located off East Mockingbird Lane in Dallas on Wednesday, there were plenty of people doing some last-minute shopping ahead of Thanksgiving.

Betty Villareal's cart was filled to the brim. 

She's hosting Thanksgiving this year and is making the turkey and all of the traditional fixings, so cost is a major factor.

"Everyone just gathers around and picks what they want and it’s going to be during halftime, even better with the Cowboys playing," she said.

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Inflation and an ongoing supply chain shortage is driving up the cost of food.

Sham Marius just moved to Texas. Relocating was expensive, so she made some adjustments this Thanksgiving.

"I know these limes are six for $1, so I'm being more cautious of the prices of things," Marius said. "And instead of shopping like I usually do, I made a list this year."

Grocery store chains, like Kroger, are doing what they can to help customers who are feeling the financial pinch.

"Shoppers are coming in and they're looking for value this year," said John Votava, Kroger’s director of corporate affairs.

Votava said Kroger can feed a family of 10 for about $50. Plus, they are give customers turkeys.

"Prices are level on turkeys, and we're actually giving out turkeys for free when customers spend $100," he said.

It's an incentive many customers are taking advantage of.

A little relief that can hopefully help bring families together this holiday.

"Being together with family and thanking God for every day," shopper Helen Cline.

"Family gathering and giving thanks to God for being alive and for my family and for peace in the world," Villareal said.