Lakeland man helps rescue alligator from python's grip

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A man from Lakeland was able to help save an alligator while also conquering his childhood fear of snakes. 

Jack Hubbard was in the Florida Everglades this weekend taking part in a project that aims to remove pythons, an invasive species, from the area.

Hubbard was joined on the hunt by his friend and professional trapper, Mike Kimmel. The two were driving Saturday evening when they came across a python in the tall grass near the water.

The pair noticed that something looked different about this snake as they approached.  

“When we got closer we could tell it was attacking an alligator,” said Hubbard. “The alligator was almost dead.”

The snake loosened its grip on the gator when Kimmel grabbed it. Hubbard said the gator was able to make it back into the water. 

Tens of thousands of pythons are estimated to be slithering through the Everglades. Scientists say the giant constrictor snakes have eliminated 99 percent of the native mammals in the Everglades, decimating food sources for native predators such as panthers and alligators.