Lake Worth officer involved in deadly fight with neighbor

The Texas Rangers are investigating after an off-duty Lake Worth Police Officer got into a deadly altercation with his neighbor.
All was quiet on Driftwood Court in Azle Saturday, a stark contrast to Friday afternoon, when a commotion outside caught the attention of Catherine Miller.

“They tried to resuscitate him. Three or four people were working on him, chest compressions,” she said.
Miller said about her neighbor, 53-year-old John Wilson

Miller says he was lying in an ambulance parked outside the home of another neighbor who lives across the street, identified as Lake Worth Assistant Police Chief Steve Carpenter.  Miller says Carpenter was injured.

“I just saw the gentleman across the way had a cut across his face,”

According to Azle Police, the two men were involved in an altercation outside of Carpenter’s home. Carpenter told police he was attacked by Wilson and forced to defend himself. Miller says Wilson, who lived two doors down from Carpenter had mental disabilities.

“The mother had told me she thought that John got the idea that the man was calling him stupid or simple and they got into an altercation,” said Miller.

Friends of Wilson's family stopped by the home where he lived with his mother. They tell say she's shaken by what she saw, adding that the family would not be making any public statements.

Because the incident involved an off-duty law enforcement officer, Azle Police say the Texas rangers are handling the investigation. No word on if any kind of weapon was used.

Wilson was pronounced dead at the hospital. Miller says his mother was by his side.

Carpenter has not been charged. The Lake Worth Police Chief says he is waiting for the Texas Rangers to complete their investigation before deciding whether or not to take any disciplinary action.