Lake Ray Roberts flood gates partially opened

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The Army Corp of Engineers continued releasing water from Lake Ray Roberts Tuesday, but backed off on plans to fully open the flood gates.

FOX 4 Meteorologist Evan Andrews said the recent rains have helped all the area lakes, but Lake Ray Roberts is the only one that's in danger of major flooding. It's only about a foot away from hitting the flood pool.

The water has risen 7 feet over its conservation level. That's shocking, considering it was about 7 feet below the conservation level just a few weeks ago, Evan said.

Even with the flood gates only partially open, about 2,000 cubic feet of water per second is flowing out into creeks that feed Lake Lewisville.

Lake Ray Roberts has about six more feet before it's in danger of spilling over, while Lewisville Lake has about five feet. The corps and game wardens are watching both lakes closely.

People living near the release area, or the Greenbelt Corridor between Lake Ray Roberts and Lake Lewisville, were warned that they may have to evacuate their homes.

Denton County emergency officials said they would monitor the situation and notify people if evacuations are necessary.

Emergency services officials aren't predicting widespread problems at the moment or homes taking on water.

But letters have been left for people who live in areas that saw street flooding in 2007, when Lake Lewisville spilled over.

"We're encouraging everybody to please listen to the authorities - if they ask you to leave it's for a good reason," said Cliff Swofford of Texas Parks and Wildlife.


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